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r/aww is looking for more moderators

Requirements:Join discord, remain relatively active there, to participate in subreddit discussionsHave a reddit account older than 1 yearSemi-decent ability to convey concepts in modmail to usersBe active enough to take at least 100 actions a month (this is not as large as it may seem initially)Don't have a user history full of slapfights and toxicity.Ability to follow instructionsPlease answer these questions in the thread below, all answers will be automatically removed by AutoModerator for privacy. Applying to be a moderator means that we will assume you are able to meet all of the above conditions.Appx how old are you?Do you feel that any of our rules are unnecessary? Please explainDo you feel that our current ruleset is inadequate? Please explainYou disagree with an action that another mod has taken. How do you handle this disagreement?You see a rule breaking post at #1 on r/all, clearly people enjoy it and are engaging in the comments. How do you handle this situation?What is the most important trait of a moderator? Please explain via /r/aww


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